Grand Daddy Purple is a hybrid of Big Bud and Purple Urkle that leans heavily indica. Its nugs are large with a compact bud structure, which accounts for its complex perfume of berries and grapes. The buds are covered with deep purple hues, and the nugs are extremely dense and fluffy. The nugs also have orange hairs covering them, which makes a striking contrast to the buds coated in resin. The taste alone makes this strain simple to distinguish from the others, which is what really makes it stand out. Its flavor will make you feel calmer and stay on your tongue longer. The strain has a strong kick, and both the body and the mind can clearly feel the psychoactive effects.

Taste – A very smooth grapey, purple taste. Very fruity.

Effects –  uplifting, but still gives you the Indica relaxation.

Medical Uses – Anxiety, stress, Nausea, depression

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