THC Cartridges uk

cartridges containing thc. Pre-filled vape carts, which are packed with cannabis concentrates, are a discreet, simple, and no-prep method of cannabis consumption. Although CBD and other trace cannabinoids are also available, THC-dominant vape carts are the most common type. Be aware that vape carts, which typically have THC concentrations of 70%–80% or higher, are frequently significantly more potent than dried flower or other comparable cannabis products.

A range of substances are used to make vape carts. Botanical terpenes are frequently used with THC distillate in vapes to create unique flavors that mimic different fruits or cannabis strains. The flavors of certain other vapes, like those created with cannabis concentrates like resin or shatter, are derived from the strains from which they were refined.

While 510 batteries are now the industry standard for vape cart compatibility, some are designed to work only with particular brands of batteries. Check the type of battery that your cart is designed to use!